Retro Cool Gear – The Tiger 2XL Interactive Talking Robot

Tiger 2XL Interactive Talking Robot

In our pursuit of the coolest new gear for the holiday season, we pay homage to some of the best gear of the past to put in context the advancements we have made in technology and toys.

Just 20 years ago in the early 90s, Tiger Electronic’s “2XL Interactive Talking Robot” was revolutionizing the way to make learning fun.  Spinning off the original 1978 concept and by taking advantage of cassette tapes, the Robot would talk to you, offer facts, and even ask questions with eyes and a mouth that lit up.  Individual tapes were sold based on topic and branded based on comic book heroes likes Spider-Man, Batman, and the 90s classic: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.

A glorious display of plastic robotics, 2XL during its run was one of the most popular toys in terms of market revenue. The 2XL was hot, in demand, and everyone wanted one.  It was a great way to make learning cool and fun.

Needless to say, our advancements in technology and education have come a long way in 20 years.



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